I’ve rescued neglected Kyebi – Mahama

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Comment: Re: My president is failure

Ghana First
2016-10-27 16:49:14
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My president is failure

Mr James Bawa, what did the Prez say that could be described as disgraceful at Kyebi? It is actually true that when you want to distroy a northern get another norther to support you to carry it out. When NPP was in power how many times did you hear a southner comdamning Prez Kufour or any of his appointees? We will forever remain second class citizens in this country if we continue on this path of 'pulling our own down' at the least opportunity.

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Franklin Osei on Oct 27, 2016 16:56
Ghana First on Oct 27, 2016 16:49
Re: My president is failure