General News Mon, 31 Oct 2016

Assemblyman allegedly beaten for campaigning for Mahama

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Comment: U will suffer violence

2016-10-31 19:41:33
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@monica ; pls u better apologize for dat statement if u really a woman else I curse u dat u will forever be abused by ur husband if ever u get married. How can u be a woman n talk this shit. For supporting another party, one should be beaten up?
So I can beat u up cos I don't support ur candidate?
What an utter nonsense!!
Uncouth woman. Apologise else u will suffer violence and take take this for granted.

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Kwame on Oct 31, 2016 19:41
U will suffer violence
A Concerned Citizen on Oct 31, 2016 14:53
lets neglect volta region,ewes are ev on Nov 2, 23:44