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Assemblyman allegedly beaten for campaigning for Mahama

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Comment: If This Is True, The Culprits Must Pay..

G. K. Berko
2016-11-01 11:44:53
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Assemblyman allegedly beaten for campaigning for M

If this report is true, the culprits must be found immediately and brought to book before the Elections. That would send a vital deterrence to others planning to engage in any such evil and cruel behavior around our Elections.

This is the kind of intolerance that decent, peace-loving Citizens warned the NPP about when Akufo-Addo failed to denounce previous incidents of that nature by members of the Party against even its own other members they disagreed with.

If they could so viciously assault Afoko and Kwabena Agyekum, or pour acid on a Party Regional Chairman to kill him, why would they not be regarded as capable of doing worse to members of opposing Parties?

Now, he we are! And assuming the NDC members also decide to retaliate in their strongholds against the NPP, what would we have in the Nation? A rowdy, brutal chaos.

We cannot claim to be democratic if we respond to our opponents this way. We are by such criminal acts stifling our young, fledgling democracy. And many of us saw it coming and sounded the warning.

When the verbal altercations kept rising both in numbers and intensity, especially, in the Social Media, many of us warned that it could easily spill over into physical actions to hurt people. The Political leaders failed to heed. And we had some of our so-called intelligentsia encourage such behavior under the guise of asserting freedom of speech.

But we all must wisely acknowledge that our freedoms end where the other person's nose begins...it could be that person's belly, given how protruding some of our 'beer bellies' are today.

Once we invade others' space physically and euphemistically, we break the Peace that our democracy needs to survive in.

It is therefore incumbent upon our Law Enforcement Agencies to act swiftly to curb such violent behavior in our Politics.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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A Concerned Citizen on Oct 31, 2016 14:53
G. K. Berko on Nov 1, 11:44
If This Is True, The Culprits Must Pay..
lets neglect volta region,ewes are ev on Nov 2, 23:44