I’ll put ferries on Yeji River – Nduom

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Comment: Yes! It can be done

2016-11-07 14:31:36
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Bro, I bet you, these man can do it.If you remember when Atimpoku bridge was disfuntional, did you see how lives were affected big time? it is because our leaders failed to put another bridge on the volta river so that when one is closed for repair work, the other would be functioning but guess what? No plan was was put in place for that eventuality and so therefore we all know the hardship it brought to commuters. Lets thing ahead of time to make life easy for our people. If you have the chance to travel to Newyork city, Ferries have been put on the Hudson river to carry people to Staten island for free. we have the resources and we can do it

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DANNET on Nov 7, 14:31