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Violence won’t consume Ghana under my watch – Mahama

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Comment: John Mahama is a wolf in ship a cloths

2016-12-01 19:39:49
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Violence won’t consume Ghana under my watch –

Why then did the NDC prevent the EC to compile new electoral roll when she took office?all the problems and agitation were opposed by the NDC leading the EC to reject all the best ideas to make this years elections a problem free one so its not about saying you really commited to peace but doing the opposite.Im glad all who matter re here to observe the elections including the UN representatives,the conduct of the security agencies ll be witness by all,the special voting is a very good example of all what the Npp has always complained about.Iagree with prof.Lumumba that Africans know everything except counting ourselves for elections and that's exactly what the NDC is practicing here,the president should look at Syria and say if Ghana can compare ourselves with them in terms of infrastructure but today there's no building in that country that has not tasted bullets just because there's no peace.So you can't talk peace when the very electoral laws that ll guarantee the peace is being violated by the EC and the government,now Ofosu Ampofo is saying they re going to petition the EC for the poor work that has become so manifest in today's special voting across the country,no one region did they get it right why?i pray that the NDC petition the court after Nana Addo,s victory but to no avail so they can learn to listen next time.

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Yussif on Dec 1, 19:39
John Mahama is a wolf in ship a cloths