PNC’s Abu Ramadan defects to NPP

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Comment: Re: Vote out Mahama, from a Gonja

2016-12-04 20:22:34
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Vote out Mahama, from a Gonja

You can go ahead to vote against him. Some of us see his worth not because we are or not of the same ethnic group. My home town has gained tremendously from him in terms of infrastructure. We have school, hospital and very good road. I don't expect the government to be feeding me or putting money into my pocket. Why would I not vote for him. Was just told to my amazement that my village has a clinic with a medical officer and over dozen nurses. They nurses mostly live in the village where there is good road, water and power. They rent rooms and they buy food stuffs and prepared foodfrom the village folks there giving them income. Why would I vote against Mahama. He is changing lives of my people. Some of us are not moved by your call of change.

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Hullot on Dec 4, 20:22
Re: Vote out Mahama, from a Gonja