‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – NDC Organizer reveals

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Comment: Nhia CEO and deputy must be sacked asap!

Concerned Citizen
2017-01-17 09:37:31
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‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – ND

The current Nhia CEO Mr Nathaniel Otoo and his Deputy in charge of Admin and HR, Edward Nunoo must be sacked from their post immediately. According to reliable sources, These two have connived with the former CEO, Sylvester Mensah for him (sylvester) to use two drivers of the organization for two years as his private drivers since the he left office in 2015, even though the Nhia has been paying these drivers from governments coffers. For two years, these drivers have never reported to work until recently that there is change of government before they have returned to the office. So it means the nhia was paying these drivers whilst they were driving sylvester mensah as a private citizen. The current CEO is allowing this to happen because sylvester ensured his replacement as CEO when he (sylvester) left office. This is corruption at its heighest level. As the for Dep CEO of Admin, the man is a serious womanizer who has practically slept with most of the beautiful girls at the head office and given them job promotions. An evidence is his recent marriage to his own office staff (one Sandra). So with this attitude, I am wondering why he is still at post and the current CEO is watching unconcerned! Please Mr President, sack these two guys asap. They are serious nation wreckers!!

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nyasa bua Kwa on Jan 17, 2017 08:06
Concerned Citizen on Jan 17, 2017 09:37
Nhia CEO and deputy must be sacked asap!