‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – NDC Organizer reveals

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Old Tiger US
2017-01-17 20:00:50
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‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – ND

A big fool with absolutely no brains in his cranium. You have the nerve to call NPP dishonest. Who are the most dishonest and wayward party in the history of our dear nation? I believe a newly born child will not even have a problem identifying the greedy, egocentric, tribalistic, and the loot and share NDC. When he was doling money all over to hold on to power, did it once cross his mind that Ghana doesn't belong to any one particular tribe or party. Talking about sole sourcing contracts that went to his family and friends. This nonsense that the nation experienced under his leadership would have cooly end him up in impeachment before the elections. Accepting kick backs after awarding contracts to foreign nationals is simply bribery period. Since African governments appoint bias judiciary to twist everything in their favor one could not go anywhere with the law. People instead of speaking the truth will always hide under simple ass kissing to hold on to their positions. God bless our homeland .

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nyasa bua Kwa on Jan 17, 2017 08:06
Old Tiger US on Jan 17, 2017 20:00
Re: ‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – ND