Health News Sun, 29 Jan 2017

Don’t raise blood pressure of patients with your utterances – Nurses advised

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2017-01-29 16:17:16
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Re Nurses

Ghana's lack of customer service skills is troubling.My unfortunate encounter with the nurses at Korlebu at my last visit home was as infuriating as it was unprofessional.First of all they had us waiting for hours to see the doctor who came and went as he pleased.The nurses refused to speak any local language and I speak both Ga and Twi.And their tone when they spoke in their forced english made you want to slap them.They acted as if you were wasting their valuable time or inconveniencing them by showing up over there.We seriously need to train our healthcare providers that they work for us not the other way around.This is the 2 century and they are still acting like 19th century Gold Coast.I seriously pity my countrymen who have no choice but to bear this mistreatment in their time of suffering.

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Eric on Jan 29, 2017 16:17