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Osei Mensah
2017-02-23 04:38:32
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Nana Addo has passion to help Ghana, I share simil

This is a height of incompetence on the part of a patapaa akuffo addo who is the commander in chief of armed force of a country, keeping quiet on violence committed by your "invisible hooligans" you trained to killed and loot and to bring the country to its knee if you lost election. But unfortunately your plan and intent were disappointed by the situation and you won and our peace loving President Mahama accepted defeat without single protest. But notwithstanding the maximum cooperation president mahama offered you and your NPPigs that created peaceful and conducive atmosphere for you to get the opportunity to rule, your "invisible hooligans" took to street to burn houses, public buildings, looted shops and houses, seized ministries and department of public services, killed and beat up innocent people because they had won election. But you sat on the fence and listened and watched with interest without a single warning from you to your "invisible hooligans" until after two months when you wanted to address the nation when the damage had already been done and what will destroy had been destroyed that you want to twist your tongue to hypocritically condenm such criminality. This show that you have not changed and you cannot change so you deserve the name ghanaians gave you as patapaa akuffo addo? Notice that you are too old to be violent, divisive, hypocrite, patapaa akakabens3m, apoopoo, ahantas3m ahunahuna, atruturas3m. Therefore change for better!

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Osei Mensah on Feb 23, 2017 04:38
Re: Nana Addo has passion to help Ghana, I share s