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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Conference April 1

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Comment: Happy for him,but who cares?

Bretuoba Kofi Frimpong Boateng
2017-03-06 03:21:49
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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Con

He can go and speak on the moon.some of us don't care about that.I am just waiting and hoping to see our children and brothers start to enjoy totally free SHS and you making noise to me about Harvard.Even the U.K. wants to ditch all this talking and suit economy to adopt the German education which focuses on technology and vocation.Why do you think the Asians are moving on so fast.You ask ten children from Singapore and all of them will choose something which is tilted towards technology.Lets go,Ghana.Shee go shee and forget about these wicked people who even take money from kayayei as tolls.He shouldn't forget to tell those in Harvard about the Kayayei.Asempa budget came to save Ghanaians and Mahama as I can see,is even ashamed to see the changes going on.I can help him get some ear plugs so that he won't hear.Shalom

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Bretuoba Kofi Frimpong Boateng on Mar 6, 03:21
Happy for him,but who cares?