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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Conference April 1

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Comment: Harvard? Wish he's not ridiculed

2017-03-06 07:16:27
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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Con

It ll be better if our former president spoke to Ghanaians than Harvard,what impact would that make?he misled this country and handing over a poor economy to the current government,Ghanaians expected practical results from him but he failed.I wish the former president is not ridiculed just like Scottland when he went to receive an award,I can assure you if Dr Kwame Nkrumah did not impress the white? Tell how John mahama can ever do?our former president can best be described as a talkative who mostly does not ve a full understanding of most subjects he addressed in the past,one thing is speaking English and the other is your understanding of it,hope he able to carried his audience along as he deliver his address.

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Yussif on Mar 6, 07:16
Harvard? Wish he's not ridiculed