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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Conference April 1

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Comment: NPP bigot imbecile invincible terrorist

£££££Poundsman UK
2017-03-06 19:22:03
Comment to:
Thief president

Bobby you wish you had such personality in your imbecile family but all you got are "Connection men" who are as thieves than Mahama. In fact, they do visa fraud, bank fraud, do stupid funerals whilst their children are hungry, cocoa land disputes, property grabing, animal poo eaters and only fools in 21st century will still carry someone on their heads and say because He is our king. A maggot muppet like you Bobby is definately a prositute child....fatherless.

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£££££Poundsman UK on Mar 6, 19:22
NPP bigot imbecile invincible terrorist