General News Mon, 6 Mar 2017

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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Conference April 1

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Comment: Which massive infrastructure devt?

2017-03-07 16:45:42
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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Con

Which massive infrastructure development and jobs, stability and development are they talking about?

This is very annoying and the hypocrisy of the west must stop. Here is a guy who ascended the reigns of this country to loot the nation's coffers with his family and friends and impoverished many Ghanaians and people still have the gut to bestow stupiiid accolades on him?

God safe this country and expose the westerners agenda to continuously foooling Africans and exploiting them to their benefit. Open the eyes of Africans to see the hypocrisy of the west.

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Arthur-Mills on Mar 7, 16:45
Which massive infrastructure devt?