Marwako saga 'like slavery' - Dr. Akwetey

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Comment: Precisely. Can't believe this happening

2017-03-08 07:15:09
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Marwako saga 'like slavery' - Dr. Akwetey

Slavery in the 1900 was precisely like this. Those shipped over to work in the plantation suffered similar fate. No Ghanaian should team up with any foreign again their own fellow African in pursuit of money or business. Ghana is now 60 yrs old and enough is enough. Ghnaian must be bold and call the shot. That adding value to all our products and in this way securing jobs for the jobless instead of shipping all raw products oversea and making them richer and prosperous leaving us poor and vulnerable and needing aid form those countries. What a disgrace Africa has become.Fellow Ghanaians look out for each other and speak out against brutality you see. Hopefully the minister of Employment will outline what is sees right to protect all our Ghanaians whether they work for an foreign or not. Equal right for all is presently needed to see all Ghanaian through to our next stage of development.

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Naiika on Mar 8, 07:15
Precisely. Can't believe this happening