Trending GH: Can John Mahama ever be President again?

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2017-03-27 01:04:58
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The NDC has a bunch of blind folks trying to fly panes. Mahama won the 2012 election due to sympathy that the Ghanaian electorate had for the just deceased President Mills. In his last 4 years in office, Mahama failed his party miserably, and the NDC will be making a fatal mistake in placing its future on Mahama. NDC should start looking for an alternate candidate if it plans on coming out of opposition. Instead of the NDC taking time to access its losses and figure out how to move forward, its empty loudmouths are wasting time on a candidate. Repair your vehicle before thinking about rushing to look for passengers. The NDC should be more concerned now about putting up a plan to energize its members, have its Members of Parliament introduce legislation that will benefit the country, and openly admit that many of its government appointees were corrupt and that it has taken measures to curtail such bad acts in the future. Has the NDC even bothered to invite Mahama to address the party on why he failed to win the election? Most of his appointees were young college educated folks who had hardly any experience on how to manage the positions they were thrust into. How can the NDC forget about Mahama's statement that he was going with the "youth" in terms of his appointments? These inexperienced youth may have been loyal to Mahama, but they certainly left behind a trail of mismanagement that only exposed Mahama's inability to govern. It did not help too that Mahama loved to do things in secrecy. His appointment of the docile Amissah-Arthur as an answer to NPP's Bawumia was a flop. He could have picked a man or woman more experienced in politics to be his running mate, but he chose to have a person that would question his directives. The leaders in the NDC should also have the guts to reign in on its loudmouths who have openly declared that they'll work to ensure that Akufo-Addo and his government fail to govern. No reasonable person in opposition should work to ensure that the ruling party fails. Rather, the opposition should spend its efforts to ensure that the ruling party always does the right thing, and expose wrongs whenever they crop up.

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