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Neglect of doctors could escalate ‘brain drain’ – Ghana Medical Association

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So Sad
2017-03-28 18:51:35
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Neglect of doctors could escalate ‘brain drain

Ghanaian doctors cannot work outside Ghana unless they are ready to change their attitude to work they way the behave in Ghana the cannot take that any where my nephew just died because of neglect he had stroke and was admitted in a certain hospital for two days no doctor visited him when a doctor finally appeared he sat at the nurses station and asked for his file and scribbled something on it and did not go to his bed side and when the nurse was asked about his condition it was then that she checked his B/P and said it was higher than when it was checked in the morning,his WBCs were elevated meaning he had some infection in this case they should have been checking his B/P at least every 15 minutes and increased what ever B/P meds there were given him or change the meds to stabilized the B/P and take care of the infection all this was not done and when the family wanted a referral to take him to another hospital it took them hours before they could get one and they had to arrange for an ambulance from another far away district everything was delayed and just as they got to the hospital he died in the ambulance and they want to brain drain with this attitude where they plan to there is always a doctor or an APRN on duty 24hrs to get updates on a patient's change in condition and give new orders or d/c orders according to the condition of the patient and one can be fired at anytime for not doing your job and don't forget the patient is always right and there is big time law suits too where they think they want to brain drain to doctors and nurses there are working double shifts plus going from facility to facility to work per-diem and there is a system you have to key in your personal ID to show that you worked to be paid,you don't lazy around and be paid at the end of the month the Government should do something about what is happening in the hospitals

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So Sad on Mar 28, 2017 18:51
Re: Neglect of doctors could escalate ‘brain drain