General News Sun, 30 Apr 2017

US will help meet Ghana’s power needs – Robert Jackson

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Comment: Greedy USA

The truth
2017-04-30 17:15:44
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Is this the same US Ambassador who declared that about 7000 Ghanaians in the US are going to be deported? Greedy Americans always trying to use a leverage to get what they want. You want ur greedy claws in our energy sector so you intended using the threat of deportation of Ghanaians as a leverage on the govt of Ghana. Ghanaians shld think far. Last week this greedy bastard was threatening all Ghanaians with deportation of their relatives in the US. And the following week you declare your intentions of "helping" the country's energy sector. The whole world Knows US never serves anyone's interest apart their own greedy interests. Intention to plunder mother Ghana disguised in the name of help. Akuffo Addo dont allow them.

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The truth on Apr 30, 2017 17:15