Stop the concert and let’s work together – Otiko Djaba to Bugri Naabu

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Comment: Otiko please behave yourself now,yooo

2017-05-07 07:25:19
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Stop the concert and let’s work together – Oti

Madam Otiko is a minister of state and must learn to respect party structures,one can argue that her position is a state one bigger than that of the regional chairman but it does not mean she can treat the chairman with disrespect.She was meeting party people,DCE,s and other positions needs the inputs of the party chairman including school feeding activities,because the party chairman knows the various groupings on the ground and it's he who knows what he promised them during the elections.Mostly our opponents re based on influence and who you know so if you don't take care people who did nothing for the party when we were in opposition,can use their connections to get positions and that can cause problems for the regional chairman.Its the party that give birth to the government,Otiko is a national women organizer and also knows the groups so she should rather get all her regional women organizers who falls under the chairman to work together in this case,if she organized the meetings with only her regional women organizer without the chairman it's wrong.Her call for the chairman to bring it on to the extent that the chairman is receiving goats Ndc cats is very insulting,even John Mahama and his brother couldn't bribe him,in any case is Otiko saying she has never received any gift since she became a minister?she should be careful because the way she talks Ndc can easily trap her,her actions must be accomodatory and not yes I'm ready to destroy.

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Yussif on May 7, 07:25
Otiko please behave yourself now,yooo