Stop the concert and let’s work together – Otiko Djaba to Bugri Naabu

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Comment: Illiterate Bugri

Prince Charles
2017-05-07 09:44:42
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Stop the concert and let’s work together – Oti

What constitution is this Bugri Naabu guy talking about? Ghana's constitution or NPP constitution? If it is the latter, Ghana's constitution trumps party constitution and a Minister does not have to seek permission from a party chairman before embarking on government business in a region. Either this man is a stark illiterate who sees himself as prime minister for the northern region, or he is daft. The man who claimed that Mahama bribed him with a car but could not produce the car, is at it again. When Mahama recently met him in the north and requested to get the car back, he said he donated it to his party. These jokers are now in power and engaging in "kantata" show for Ghanaians.

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Prince Charles on May 7, 09:44
Illiterate Bugri