Stop the concert and let’s work together – Otiko Djaba to Bugri Naabu

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Comment: Re: Otiko please behave yourself now,yooo

2017-05-07 09:56:22
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Otiko please behave yourself now,yooo

Mr Yussif I agree with you to extent. No one is denying that he has in depth knowledge about how party activist should be treated. But let us also bear in mind that THIS IS A NATIONAL AFFAIR and Otiko being a SUBSTANTIVE MINISTER OF STATE should act in a manner that won't create any bad impression about her ministry and the government .This issue could be thrashed out after the meeting in an amicable manner instead of intolerance and disrespect as we are witnessing.BEING A PARTY CHAIRMAN DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE PART OF GOVERNMENT MACHINERY. YES YOU HAVE YOUR OPINIONS TO BE EXPRESSED BUT THE IMPLEMENTATION IS RESERVED FOR GOVERNMENT APPOINTEES NOT PARTY FAITHFULS.

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Pasco on May 7, 09:56
Re: Otiko please behave yourself now,yooo