Stop the concert and let’s work together – Otiko Djaba to Bugri Naabu

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2017-05-07 14:42:31
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Stop the concert and let’s work together – Oti

I am greatly disappointed in some the people who have posted negative and stupid comments about Ms. Afisa Otiko Djaba. The idiots and morons say she has no manners: she insulted a former president; she demontrated arrogance at her vetting before the PAC of our Parliament. I say all such people are animals who do not have human brains. Apuuuu! Former President Mahama has no self-respect. Where were they when Mahama said he was a dead goat in Southern Africa? Did Mahama and these imbeciles think of the disgrace visited on our country with his statement? Now after losing the elections, he goes round saying, disadvantages of incumbency made him lose out. If incumbency cannot be advantageous then he should forget about contesting in 2020. What stupidity! Continuing his out of the head talk, he says the horse for the race - elections was sick. Ofui, every jockey examines his horse constantly before the day of the race. And he has ballless twerps to support him. My Dear Afisa said her bone of contention with Prez Mahama was how SADA was mismanaged under Mahama administration. And 99% of Ghanaians know the level of corruption at SADA. The NDC parliamentarians at her vetting were miserable sycophants. Most of them from the Northern regions of Ghana have the obselete mentality that all women must be treated with contempt and disdain and disrespect. The Northern men have no respect for their wives and women. So when Afisa stood up to them by refusing to apologise to the ex-President, their ego was punctured. To be honest with readers, my nature is exactly that of Minister Afisa: what is wrong is wrong and whoever does what is wrong is also wrong. Some people worship position and wealth. Tweaa! Go to Nigeria and misbehave towards a woman, you will regret that day. Women are protected and respected. Try it in the United States, where I lived for 18 years before coming down last year, women have respect from the society and justice. I am even more incensed by the stupid argument that Afisa should have consulted the regional party Chairman before carrying out the official assignment from our First Lady. The Regional party Chairman was there but Afisa was delegated with POWER for an official assignment. She is a Minister in the Akufo Addo administration. More superior to the party Chairman. Our society has bled people who think we should be static and go by the Old way. Times are changing. The whites are going forward but we are stagnating. Afisa should encourage the youth especially the women to fight a just cause. I will ever support her desire to fight against oppression and stupidity of some men. I shall return. Please DON'T TOUCH MY BELOVED AFISA. AND DON'T TALK ILL OF HER. ONLY FOOLS DON'T UNDERSTAND HER.

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Nkrekete on May 7, 14:42
Re: Stop the concert and let’s work together – Oti