I don’t like foolish orders from Nana Addo - Abronye DC

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Baba Iddi Moro
2017-06-16 17:02:04
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I don’t like foolish orders from Nana Addo - Abr

The likes of this hooligan called Abronye DC are just denting the image of GH. I'm so surprised you have the courage to even appear here n call journalists of Ghana Web names. Do you know what it takes to be a journalist? You think it's all about sitting behind a microphone, a camera n start talking rubbish ....shame with your tobacco English. Can you locate where GIJ is located in GH ( n for that matter any Institute of higher learning in respect of J'lism n PR ) ? Aaaawwwwww Kwame Nkrumah GH !!!!!!! State of lawlessness rendered this country today is tired to you Abronye DC, how can you arrogate powers to yourself to go round harrasing people on the street in the name of retrieving govt stolen cars. Oh my God !!!! Even Police can't do that, it will amount to violation of Peoples' Rights. Arrest n retrieval of stolen property have a procedure by the law. Abronye DC, do you know there's something called "search warrant", "arrest warrant" ," Power to arrest without warrant",.....you n your kind have succeeded in creating a new image for GH in the comity of nations...." A state of lawlessness n insecurity" . I know Diaso in Upper Denkyira West very well, there are God fearing people there...... yet few lawless, barbaric hooligans in same class with Abronye DC, who lynched the late Maj. Maxwel Adam Maham have rendered the vilage evil town in public eye. You may say who is Floyd Mayweather Jn, but this guy saying that he won't come to GH owing to insecurity, is damaging. Abronye DC, pls hide your face. You belong to "Stone age" era.

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Baba Iddi Moro on Jun 16, 2017 17:02
Re: I don’t like foolish orders from Nana Addo - A