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Comment: Watch. them carefully

21st century boy.
2017-07-18 14:18:51
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Cobra in worm's garment

Since the inception of Ghana's independent, the Busia/ Danquah /Donbo political traditional antics was to seek favour and sympathy from diaporan Ghanaians and from nations like America and Britain who never knew what kind of violent, tribal discrimitary party the Danquah Busians were practicing in the domestic country. They always shout looderst to the diaspora knowing very well they are known within the country their discriminatory tribal approach to politics thus creating disaffection for well meaning individuals and parties that want to unite the country for good. Thus, they always rely on outsiders for sympathy and support. The diasporans who took interest in the nations development should take their time to study the nations politics and shouldn't be listening to any deceitful anctics of this nation wreckers parading like saviours, whilest they are the very people always
Secretly dividing the nation.

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21st century boy. on Jul 18, 2017 14:18
Watch. them carefully