What transpired when President Akufo-Addo met Ghanaian Journalists

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Comment: KABA and AFIA POKUA the most unintelligible

2017-07-19 14:11:23
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What transpired when President Akufo-Addo met Ghan

KABA and AFIA POKUA of Asempa and Adom Fm fame respectively asked the most unintelligible and stupid questions yesterday diring the Akuffo Addo's media encounter . Until yesterday, I never knew KABA was such a crap, shallow mind, a brainless jackal and that useless. He should have taken to entertainment. l would not waste my time on his programme again. l understand he was a teacher. How did he perceive brainless and unintelligible students, then in his class, who got up and answer stupid and shallow minded questions? As for AFIA POKUA, the least said about her the better. Take a cursory look at her question and ask yourself where the foundation of her question was coming from and the number of the storey buildings she wants to raise. Her question was really in navigation, perhaps from North- east direction to South-west and perhaps got lost in the process. These are the kinds of empty baked media men we have in Ghana. Kudos to the professional competence and intelligibility exhibited by only four perhaps five well baked professionals yesterday namely: Bernard Avle of Cities Fm, Evans Mensah of Joy Fm, Ekua Mensah of EIB network, Nana Aba Anamuah of GhoneTv and perhaps Moomen Abdul of GBC. The rests are craps but KABA is the worst.

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kwame on Jul 19, 2017 14:11
KABA and AFIA POKUA the most unintelligible