'President was on top of the show' - Allotey Jacobs applauds Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Aboa allotey Jacob

2017-07-19 10:55:16
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'President was on top of the show' - Allotey Jacob

Did u in ur life ever condemned the president before, whether good or bad you always say Ayoo. And that is how politics should be even if the president is ur grandpa. When he is wrong criticize him and praises him wen his on the track. But for you allotey Jacob I have never in life met ur kind and I guess I won't meet too. Bcos you are such an idiot opportunist, and do not forget you chairman seat is on the line bcos u would not be reinstate in the next delegates election. Aboa I always felt like vomiting anytime I listen to u on peace fm program. I don't really know who has been sending to represent the Ndc party for such show. Idiots like you should even talk for the party on any platform. Stomach politician.

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Westside on Jul 19, 2017 10:55
Aboa allotey Jacob