Police arrest 150 owners of unregistered cars, bikes

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Comment: stop harasing those with genuine intent

2017-07-19 13:48:55
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Police arrest 150 owners of unregistered cars, bik

until when are you guys going to wake up to deal with the issue from details and stop this prompt sycophantisms ?
the issue here is our current way of registering cars in this country is not a security developing way of practise.
just pick a registration of a car in random go to the dvla and check the ownership, if it would correspond to the details of the current owner of the car.


1. stop registering cars as a body and register the number to the ownership- this means if i have a car and want to sell it , i just took off my number plate sold the car for the new owner to place is number plates on it, if s/he dont have a plate , then must go for new number plate wich is going to be registered in his/ her name.

2. if i own a plate and dont want it anymore , i just surrounder it to the dvla to clear my personal details off from that number.

if this happens we could trace every plate to the rightfull owner in case of robbery, missing or anything , because the chasis number corespond to the details of the registered number and owner.

that would promt the owners to take a good care of their registered numbers, because if it engages in ribbery or any criminal activities, such a person is barred from using a car

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ROGUE LAWYER on Jul 19, 2017 13:48
stop harasing those with genuine intent