NDC adds ‘Volta Crocodiles’ to list of pro-NPP vigilante groups

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Comment: Is it not a shame, NDC

Dr George Fiifi Dadzie
2017-07-21 02:22:49
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NDC adds ‘Volta Crocodiles’ to list of pro-NPP

Are the NDCs that frustrated and desperate for power that much? Why is this large opposition group not constituted publicly? Why can't they criticize constructively and behaving as naive and ignorant? I thought being in opposition should help you from the far left, will help you contribute by reminding the present government things they have spelt in their manifesto and haven't followed through.
You seems very naive, shallow, veneer, surface, not deep in your thinking. If I am giving an opportunity to vote, I wouldn't waste my vote on you.
All you are looking for is to gain power to come and loot and share again. Pray for a responsible leadership and come again.

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Dr George Fiifi Dadzie on Jul 21, 2017 02:22
Is it not a shame, NDC