Mahama remembers Mills’ death at the commemoration of 5th anniversary

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2017-07-23 11:35:58
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Mahama remembers Mills’ death at the commemorati

But I thought Ablakwa said it will resist the questioning of the EC officials with his blood on the date which is the anniversary of Mills' death? He talks from the wrong side of his mouth.
Where is the DNA and autopsy of Mills? This is what Ghanaians need now. Ablakwa is climbing on the back of the death for popularity and wealth. Why did you not call in a helicopter to take him to the hospital? Was there know helicopter at the castle on standby always for the prez? Why was he not accompanied by his personal physician to 37? Had arrangement been made of the arrival of the dying Prez? Until these are answered, people will continue to blame you and others for knowing something or being responsible for Mills' death. Ghanaians are no more fools. Don't pretend you loved Mills because you contributed to his death. Even in Arab countries, autopsies are carried out if a Prez dies. Note, the Prez is the "property" of the people and we must know how and why he died. So far, no medical expert has been able to tell us this except greedy opportunists like you.

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