Free SHS: Over 36,000 students not placed - CHASS

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Comment: Ghana is doomed!

Kwasi Ntiamoah
2017-09-07 18:46:56
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Free SHS: Over 36,000 students not placed - CHASS

I have always intimated that party politics is not good for Africa. We reason along political lines. Sometimes what we hear people say or talk about make one wonders if really such a person has what we call a brain in the head that they carry about all day long. Common sense has eluded most of us. Can we as human beings sit down and critically do some analysis on issues before making any contributions? Some people just come on this platform just to spew nonsense into the air without even touching on the issue at stake all in the name of making contributions which in actual sense spewing thrash. If this is going to continue then I am afraid the future looks bleak for the nation, because most people lack the capacity to think as human beings all because of politics.

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Kwasi Ntiamoah on Sep 7, 18:46
Ghana is doomed!