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Comment: Think of Ghana for a change

Prince Charles
2017-09-10 10:44:29
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Politics will kill Ghanaians. Somebody promises you free education - I mean free education through the SHS, not just new entrants in the first year, but all students through the SHS cycle, but turns out that only first year new students are covered under this program. The government is not making this distinction clear for parents who have wards in the second and third cycles to know that they are not covered under this free school program and that they will have to continue to pay for their wards. Somebody has seen this anomaly and he is pointing it out for the government to come out and say the truth so that parents will know what to do, but because of politics, others are raining insults on the one who is being objective about the program. Do Ghanaians eat politics in their daily lives? Why can't we place country first when we are analyzing issues instead of being blinded by political colors? Is it too difficult to realize that parents are being deceived with this free education thing? Why can't people see the fallacy of what the government is doing and come out and say that it is wrong, instead of supporting it blindly, even when they know that they are being deceived? Ghanaians please wake up and put your political thinking caps aside and think of Ghana for a change.

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Prince Charles on Sep 10, 2017 10:44
Think of Ghana for a change
Daniel Ghana ba on Sep 10, 2017 13:01