You promised free SHS and not free 1st year SHS – Pratt

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Comment: Shut-up Corrections (original on Phone)

2017-09-10 10:46:56
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Shut up Kwesi Pratt

Kwesi Pratt, the answer simply is that your NDC friends over last 8 years, when Nana Addo first promised free SHS, have fun down Ghana's economy into one of high debt (70% of GDP from 20% in post HIPC 2008),slow going (from 8.4% annual in 2008 to 3.4% in 2016). Ghana therefore at this material cannot afford to start the program paying all 3 years of SHS simultaneously.

Clearly you know this but are playing to the peanut gallery. It is only a fool who does not adjust his plans to reflect his circumstances. The NPP government of Nana Addo is discerning and has thus adjusted their plans to fit the current economic conditions of Ghana.

Next year with a growing economy and better budgetary conditions we will have 2 of the 3 years SHS streams covered by the program.

Kwesi Pratt, you and your NDC friends are just embarrassed that you could not figure out how to deliver on the universal education agenda enshrined in the Ghanaian constitution. Please shut up at let those with vision, moxie, know-how and intelligence run Ghana. We the citizenry are too engaged with building a better Ghana to waste our time to be listening to 'no solutions' naysayers critics of the Nana Addo government. FORWARD EVER BACKWARDS NEVER - Quoting your own CPP slogan back at you.

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Branaboy on Sep 10, 2017 10:46
Shut-up Corrections (original on Phone)
Daniel Ghana ba on Sep 10, 2017 13:01