Free SHS only free for a few - Minority Leader

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Maka a maka
2017-09-11 22:58:58
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Keep the lies to yourself

Good advice. The problem that the NDC has is that most of the people who will spare the time to read their rambling statement are die hard NDC supporters, and this doesn't do the party any good. Parents whose children are the beneficiaries of free SHS must be perplexed as to what this lengthy statement is all about. NDC is worried about the success of this policy. The so-called "unity walk" was not a mere coincidence, but rather, it was an attempt to deflect national focus from the current government's fulfilment of a campaign promise. NDC is afraid; and genuinely so, because for every child who benefits from free SHS, there is an extended family that is grateful to the government - that may translate into votes, come 2020. Hence the uproar in the camp of the opposition.

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Maka a maka on Sep 11, 2017 22:58
Re: Keep the lies to yourself