US will help Africa defeat terrorism – Trump

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Comment: Missile Launch?"Nkrumah Never Dies"

Innocent Ghanaian
2017-09-21 13:39:33
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US will help Africa defeat terrorism – Trump

Blessed People Of Africa, Noble People Of The Nations Of The World, Dignified People Of Ghana; When Was The Last Time (Hate Speech) Was Delivered So Openly By A President Of America Before The Heads Of The Nations Of The World At The –‘United Nations’? Now; Let My People Think. For “The Truth” May Be –‘Bitter’- Yet Worth Speaking It In All Courage. Humanity; (Hate Speech) Is What America’s Unwillingness To Fight And Defeat (The New Terrorists) Raised By America To (Terrorized) Her Own Nation, (Terrorize) Humanity And –‘The Nations Of The World’- Has Resulted In. America, (Open Hatred) By Impeachable President (Game Of Throne): H.E Donald Trump!!! Yea; A Time To Think. Humanity; For The Sake Of The (Hatred) Suffered By -‘Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’- At The Hands Of The (CIA) And For The Sake Of The Noble African People; I Will “Question More”!! For I Know That “If” None In America Shall Agree With Me; The -‘Courageous’- And Legendary Larry King Of –‘RT’- Already Does. A Time To Think. And I Say; “Nkrumah Never Dies”. Let My People Think.
Now, Noble People Of America, I Ask-‘ H.E President (GOT) Trump’ That Does America, Humanity And Africa Not Know That It Was The (CIA) Who (Terrorized) Ghana And Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah To Seek To Thwart The –‘Vision’- For –‘African Unity’- And To Seek To Disunite The Nations Of Africa And For That Matter; The Noble African People? America; “This Is Just A Question So Nobody Should Be Angry” As My Courageous Brother Of –‘Radio Gold 90.5’- Shall Say!! “Nonsense”!!! Laugh.
Yea Humanity; Is It Not The Same (CIA), (FBI) And (The New Terrorists) Of America Who By (Hatred) For His Excellency Professor –‘John’- Evans Fiifi Attah Mills And For The Noble Ghanaian People (Rendered Ghana Ungovernable) To (The Taking Out) Of My Father, My President And My Friend; His Excellency Attah Mills? America, Ghana, Africa; A Time To Think.
Humanity; This Is Not An Question. Laugh. It Was The (FBI), (CIA) And (The New Terrorists) Of America Who By The (Game Of Thrones) (Terrorized) The Global Democracy And Put (H.E President GOT): Nana Addo On The Throne Of Ghana And (H.E President GOT): Trump, On The Throne Of America!!! America; I Have Said It!! For As Surely As “Nkrumah Never Dies” So, “The Scriptures Cannot Be Broken”, So “Joshua Never Dies”, And – So ‘Jesus’- Shall Surely Come Back. For It Is Written; “Occupy Till I Come. Yea; Let My People Think. Parable Or ‘Mmebusem’? Laugh.
Noble Ones Of The Nations Of The World, May My Final Question Go To His Excellency Donald Trump Even As This –‘Open Truth’- Is No (Hate Speech). Laugh. Was It Not The (FBI), (CIA) And (The New Terrorists) Who (Terrorized) Ghana And I And Sought To Have (Lynched) Me In The Sovereign And Democratic State Of Ghana; And Eventually Got Me (Kidnapped) To (Kill Me In Secrecy) To Cover Up Crimes Against, America, Ghana And Humanity? A Time To Think. America; H.E Impeachable President Trump Must “Help Africa” And “Humanity” To Fight And Defeat (The New Terrorists) Of America Troubling America, Africa And Humanity!!!
Noble People Of Ghana; Since Today; September 21st, 2017 Is The –‘Founder’s Day’- Of Ghana And –‘The Birth’- Of His Excellency Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah; May I For The Sake Of –‘Africa Unity’ Remind –‘H.E President Trump’- That His Administration Is The One Which Operated (The New Terrorists) At The Sam’s Club Company To Orchestrate The (Lynching) Of May Innocent Soldier: Courageous Major Maxwell Adam Mahama!!! And It Is The Same (H.E Impeachable President Trump) Who For The Sake Of Covering Up Crimes Against Humanity And The Crimes Of The Players Of The (Game Of Thrones), And Those Of (The New Terrorists) Is (Willfully Obstructing Justice) In Court By (Hijacking) The US Justice System. Now; Let My People Think
But O’ Blessed Ones; That We Laugh Some –‘More’- In The Face Of –‘Bitter Truth’. I Purposely Did Not Make Any Posting On The Article On (H.E President BP Obama) Because Like I Told (Impeachable) Obama In His Own House: The White House; Obama “Doesn’t Matter”. Laugh. (Nepp) America, Obama Is (Irrelevant) For Which Reason (H.E BP Obama) Was Not At –‘The 72 UN General Assembly Meeting’- To Listen To (The Hate Speech) Of Impeachable President Trump. Laugh. Yea; A Time To Think. For “All Shall Pass” But –‘Jesus’- Shall Come Again. And The Noble Africa People Forever Know That “Nkrumah Never Dies” And There Is But; “One Africa”!! Therefore; “Africa Unite”!! “One Ghana”!! “One World”!! “One Human Family”!! Blessed Ones, “It Is Finished”; Therefore, “Occupy Till I Come”. A Time To Think.

**Now Ghana; This “Kasee Bo Is Tasty Ankasa”!!**

America “If” The (FBI) In The Interest Of (The New Terrorist) And For The Purpose Of (Obstructing) Justice Still Have My Keys In Their Possession, They Must “Give Me Back That Little Fish; Give Me That Fish; Yoo” As The Saying Goes In America. For I Have The Recorded Evidence On Video That In The Interest Of (Sister Undercover Maroon) And The Sam’s Club Company The (FBI) As Usual Tracked Me With Their (Maroon) To The Germantown Post Office In The Evening Of Yesterday; September 20th, 2017. A Time To Think. Ghana; Coming Soon. “Occupy Till I Come”. “Nkrumah Never Dies”. A Time To Think. That Is The End Of The “Kaseebo Is Tasty”!!

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Innocent Ghanaian on Sep 21, 2017 13:39
Missile Launch?"Nkrumah Never Dies"