Black Stars B players to get $3,000 each for winning WAFU trophy

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Comment: Ankwale

2017-09-26 14:07:10
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Financial realities.

I think everyone who was called to camp before the final 18 were selected must get something.

Meanwhile, if 18 get 3,000 each, where's the remaining 46,000?

Or is that another Brazil ("Administrative Fees") for the thieves?

Your argument sounds like a sop, but the emphasis must rather be on fairness.

Anyway, WAFU does not happen every year; it's always been spasmodic.
The organisers themselves never know.

But with FOX behind it now, I hope they do it annually, or, at least, biennially, and, as you said, the prize goes up.

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DIAMOND on Sep 26, 2017 14:07