NCA closes down 34 radio stations

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Sweet Ghana
2017-09-29 09:18:51
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NCA closes down 34 radio stations

Oh no my friend Hon. Kofi Asante, tone down your zeal. Many laws in this country were and are still not working to the letter, and to be seen as enforcing them,especially in this sector that has played very significant roles in the socioeconomic life of our people, overnight, to play by the rules to the extent of revoking the licences of some is acting a little overboard. And if the trend, as I see in mine and your little corner of the country, Asankrangwa, is anything to go by, I would not be far from right to say that this application of the law the way you are going about it is like killing a fly with a hammer, and, politically motivated. Come to think of the many people to be rendered jobless today by a government that is talking of job creation. Or as usual, it is substituting one Ghanaian job by another Ghanaian in what is undoubtedly a political vendetta. When shall we stop this gutter war? A war made more dangerous by partisan intellectuals and clergy bent on exterminating other parties and businesses of the opposition. Oh no,this isn't the rules of civilized democracy. This is gutter democracy which needs no seer nor sage to tell of the possibility of the civil strife that could be ignited given the extremely volatile and polarized state we are in and perpetrating. Kofi Asante, please know how the media has sparked wars and tread carefully since,knowing at first hand the extent to which your anger can be manifest, if you don't change tact,you are a ticking time bomb given this sensitive sector you have been entrusted with. I humbly entreat all well meaning Ghanaians to,as a matter of national interest,and for once,remove our political lenses and rein in the key players in this sector to apply the law with a human face so as to avert any possible catastrophe such over zealousness can bring. This isn't a national crisis to warrant such extreme measures, joblessness is.

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