5000 to lose jobs over NCA’s actions – NDC

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Comment: Very poor reasoning from Fuseini

Kingsley Kessie
2017-09-29 18:17:38
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5000 to lose jobs over NCA’s actions – NDC

A legislator, Mr. Fuseini, making such claims against the dutiful action of NCA meant to bring non-conformists to order ; in respect to the law that he himself represents in Ghana’s parliament , is not only shameful and regrettable, It betrays him a traitor. His reasoning is indeed very poor and makes the following logic pleasing to ONLY his senses :
“All prisoners including thieves and murderers have children and other dependents to take care of. They have a right to freedom to work and take care of them. These children and other dependents will suffer whilst their providers are in prison. Therefore release all these prisoners and murderers immediately.”
How can a legislator maintain his seat in parliament, if this is how he reasons. The people who elected him must re-call him from parliament immediately. Ghanaians who do not think like this consummate traitor that cannot reason very well, must rise to the occasion and be counted. Congratulations NCA and your new crop of management. Your action is refreshing and the fragrance assures us of a new dawn in Ghana. Ghana needs the likes of you. Other agencies of government, are watching ? Are you listening ?

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Kingsley Kessie on Sep 29, 2017 18:17
Very poor reasoning from Fuseini