Why Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital terminated contract with uniBank

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Nana Aba
2017-10-01 06:18:13
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Why Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital terminated contract

Here is the story..."HEI, DR. TRTH, The MOU was signed in 2015 according to the article, and who were in power in 2015? Of course the NDC whose poster boy, Kwabena Duffour; happened to be the founder of Unibank. And despite placing distant 4th in the bidding process, they were shortlisted to operate alongside, Stanbic who won the bidding. And this was in 2015. Why did the two chiefs of staff appeared in the stormy situation? Korlebu decided to yank Unibank from collecting the bills and maintain Stanbic, even though they had signed an MOU with Unibank as far back in 2015. The management of the Unibank petitioned the office of the president, to address what seemed to be an encroachment on the rights of Unibank because of the MOU which required at least, a minimum of 90 days notice. This, the chiefs of staff came in to make sure that the management of Korlebu doesn't topedo the rights of Unibank, though it's an NDC owned Bank. So the two chiefs of staff, who played the seemingly Good Samaritan roles were accused of taking something from Unibank, an NDC owned bank. Because some guys in the NPP had serious resentment about NPP helping an NDC owned bank: And so they decided to use this as an opportunity to question the loyalty of John Jinapor whose appointment has always been a matter of contention within the NPP. And these people, who have been against the appointment of Mr. Jinapor used A- Plus as an attacking dog to facilitate their aim. That's the whole story. So let the discerning Ghanaians judge this if the NPP and Nana have done anything wrong. The criminal NDC whose actions caused this stalemate have now jumped into the band wagon of accusing the NPP who were just trying to do what is right."

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Nana Aba on Oct 1, 06:18