NCA media sanctions: Ursula Owusu's conduct won’t be tolerated – Ablakwa

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Comment: azaa pepeni/ayigbe govt

insight to the bone
2017-10-23 20:24:07
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The fact is no Christian majority country today would allow 3000 Islamic Arab teachers/ideologists to be imported into their country. Wars are organized and fought by ideologists not boxers macho men of untalented mediocre idiots with no clue. Bawumia has declared war on us with this act and we accept the fight. The security implications of this decision are most dire and will lead to a problem our children can never solve . The cultural destruction of our heritage is also in question . Are really that stupid as to allow this to happen in the name of politics ? We now charge all true Akan patriots to find ways to kill off dead this fool by poisoning and begin to prepare for the war to defend ourselves against this menace . It was here on this forum that we told Nana Bawumia was a bad choice and its evident he is an evil that must be dealt with immediately . We have observed that every proposal he has championed is always inherently toxic to the interests of the Akan, starting with the fake loans from China to strange wooing of suspicious Islamic capital from Turkey etc and Russian foolishness. When Nkrumah was removed was it not the Chinese and Russians who were in the president's office at that time , Nana open your lazy ass eyes and see so you will not be remembered as the idiot leader who brought misery to the Akans. What kind of political amateurism or stupidity is Nana displaying allowing such toxic agendas under his watch to materialize? He was once a foreign affairs minister and should know better or at least understand the changes the world went through after the fall of communism and eradication of the east west block ideological confrontation. The world is now divided on religious differences and all future wars will be conflicts based on these religious civilization values . We now have Christianity , Islam and the Buddhist Hindi antagonisms coming to be the basis of the fight for world dominance as all other ideologies are now insignificant. Trump came to power because he recognized and did not downplay in his rhetoric the dangers like the democrats in line with political correctness traditionally did.Turkey's president Erdogan declared religious war on the European Union by pushing a million Muslims disguised as refugees into their territories and that was the last straw that cause Brexit. All European nations learnt from the experience of the lazy British who after the second world war allowed over 300,000 Muslim Pakistanis into their country to rebuild. They witnessed unlike previous migrations that over time had assimilated into their way of life peacefully the descendants of these immigrants rather have an agenda to islamize or dominate Great Britain . Scotland will gain independence and Britain will eventually fight this menace by becoming the most prejudiced hate filled society of Europe. Even the liberal tolerant Scandinavians and Swedes recognize the threat and prejudice is now on the rise there too. Islam has proven historically that its incompatible with any other culture , heritage or religion . Nana we did not put you there so you sow the seeds of our destruction. Stop being swollen headed and stop this nonsensical stupidity that we may end up paying for with the lives of our children and grand children. Whats the point of developing our nation if we are going to hand it over to Islam? I have said no Muslim can ever be loyal to the true aspirations and desires of progress that will enable our stragic interest of entering into the post industrial era . We have a useless national security , police and armed forces who are so incompetent they cant analyze the implications and consequences of such treacherous activity in the highest of offices . I have always said they should all be disbanded and new patriot professional institutions of competence be formed instead.

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insight to the bone on Oct 23, 2017 20:24