Akufo-Addo meets Gnassingbe over Togo crisis

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Comment: All be patient for good days ahead of us

Senior Citizen, BS, Germany
2017-10-31 09:50:38
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Make barns and put your cattle in

What every good president can do is what Akufo Addo is doing now. No Government has magic wands to command electionering promises within a twincle of an eye, since human endeavours cannot be as God the father in Heaven.The Holy Bible tells us in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis that, Our father God himself created Heaven and Earth and all the things including Human Beings at a space of seven days not one day, as opposition little minds are demanding President Akufo Addo to do.Every political achievement is done on availability of the economic standard of the country,but as they may be aware,the last corrupt Government of [NDC their own Government] depleted almost the finances available in the Bank of Ghana and now turning round to accuse the NPP Administration for not performing as quickly as possoble.Every Tom Dick and Harry need to have patience to wait for the recovery of our economic transformation now under critical surgery by Akufo Addo and his team to bring prosperity to our dear country.

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Senior Citizen, BS, Germany on Oct 31, 2017 09:50
All be patient for good days ahead of us