Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baako

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Comment: Mahama Phobia

2017-11-09 23:55:06
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Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baak

I am trying very hard to eget the thrust of Kweku Baako's point and why he was seeking to chastise the President.

What I understood him doing was to take the President out of context in order to assert that he has called the government pig(s); but at the same time it was difficult for his conscience. All the same he went ahead to say that "he didn't communicate well". Now I do know if people like would appreciate anything Mahama would do and would ever desist from such tendencies. The message was very clear for even a 5-year old to understand and that the President needed mot to craft his words the way Baako wanted it. The context, and the demeanor in which the President communicated his message to his audience were without ambiguities. These kinds of analysis are petty and not healthy for the State and it shouldn't be done by great minds like Baako.

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