Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baako

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Comment: I want to lead NDC to another loss

and he said what?
2017-11-12 18:29:26
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Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baak

Poor Mahama. All he said was, "elephants are too big to reside at Pig Farm", and Ghanaians are losing their minds over his statement. I guess some people lose their minds when they lose an election, and Mahama is no exception. The man does not know whether to embark on his "Thank You" tour across Ghana or prematurely declare his candidacy for President without first being nominated by his party.

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kwaku apintee on Nov 10, 2017 06:37
and he said what? on Nov 12, 2017 18:29
I want to lead NDC to another loss