Napo is a ‘Trainee-Minister’ trying to understand his mandate - Bawa Mogtari

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Comment: Jane was, indeed, useless

True Ghanaian
2017-11-20 17:22:16
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Napo is a ‘Trainee-Minister’ trying to underst

Bwa, you have still said nothing about Jane's achievements nor the high standards she is supposed to have set! Common, blast them out, and le us re-esamine them.
Jane was virtually an absent CEO, prefaring to leave minnows like Ablakwa to take and announce decisions for her.
Was it not Ablakwa who was spearheading the non-existent 200 SHS all over the place, even though there was a different officer in charge of second cycle institutions? And who actually announced the convertion ofPolytechnics into Universities - and what planning was put in place before the announcement?
Need I continue. jane was, in fact, an absent CEO!!!

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True Ghanaian on Nov 20, 2017 17:22
Jane was, indeed, useless