Napo is a ‘Trainee-Minister’ trying to understand his mandate - Bawa Mogtari

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Comment: Trainee minister

2017-11-20 19:10:40
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Napo is a ‘Trainee-Minister’ trying to underst

I am against people who are hauling insults at Miss Bawa for writing what is on her mind. That kind of behaviour does not show maturity.
However why do women in politics turn play the feminine card when they are critiqued for their actions. They must know that politics comes with both the sweet and bitter side. They turn to enjoy all the glory when it is given them but play the victim and feminine when they are criticised.
If another person is to give a fitting response to miss Joyce Bawa's article then the person would be seen as been harsh on a woman but reading her article one would find aspersions, slees and insinuations.

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Symbayor on Nov 20, 2017 19:10
Trainee minister