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Comment: Living in a Glasshouse and throwing ston

2017-12-05 11:40:50
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They ‘called us thieves’, yet unable to prosec

Samuel Gyamfi, don't stay in a glasshouse and throw stones. Are you testing the resolve of the government in prosecuting the thieves or you are saying this out of fear which is making you nervous. I guess you are looking over your shoulders and counting the days nervously as to when the whole process of prosecuting the thieving bastards shall begin. Don't you worry, that time shall surely come! You will see them jailed one by one and no court can overturn the rulings. Its not a rush job, it is a good job in progress. Hear it loud and clear Samuel Gyamfi!

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Sulley on Dec 5, 11:40
Living in a Glasshouse and throwing ston
Nana Atobra on Dec 6, 19:02