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Comment: What a bluff! Soon NDC will be crying...

Victor A. Young
2017-12-07 09:35:55
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They ‘called us thieves’, yet unable to prosec

What a bluff! The NDC have a grand agenda to try to cause chaos in the country as soon as the SP begins work. Initially, they said the SP thing was unconstitutional, then it's just waste of time. Now they've changed their tone to: "they are unable to prosecute us" as if H.E. the President and his gov't are just joking. Wonders, our elders say, will never end! Unbelievable, it's so funny to note. Soon they'll be crying like little babies.

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Nana Atobra on Dec 6, 19:02
Victor A. Young on Dec 7, 09:35
What a bluff! Soon NDC will be crying...