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Comment: Dont Cry Foul When Prosecution Starts

Kwame Twumasi-Fofie
2017-12-08 16:48:34
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They ‘called us thieves’, yet unable to prosec

The commedy here is that as soon as the first among the lot has been convicted and sentenced this same guy will come out and cry they're being witch-hunted.

How many people didn't your party attemt to jail when you came to power but how many convictions did you succeed to get? Now that a more purposeful party wants to take the trouble to do things right you want them to rush to fail. You lie bad.

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Nana Atobra on Dec 6, 19:02
Kwame Twumasi-Fofie on Dec 8, 16:48
Dont Cry Foul When Prosecution Starts