What Oheneyere Gifty Anti wore to KABA’s funeral

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Comment: You go Oheneyere!

Dogo Yaro
2017-12-21 13:36:59
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What Oheneyere Gifty Anti wore to KABA’s funeral

Folks please lay off this lady. KABA was originally from Adumass where Gifty’s husband is a chief. While per our traditional culturall decorum what was on display may be in bad taste, we must not forget both Gifty and hubby, Nana Ansa kwao IV see themselves as media stars more than their traditional place in our chieftancy pecking order?
Hopefully their star power will help fix the road from Akosombo through Ajena, Pese, Adumasa and Gyakiti a neglected area with economic potential.? Nana Ansah is very wired by blood line to the Royal dynasties of Akwamu, Akwapim and Akim Abuakwa. So being a Chief iof a small town does not demean ones position? Nana Ansa is true Odehye ( Royal). The current Akwamu overlord, Kwafo Akoto, the Queen mother Afrakoma and their close cousin Osei Ameyaw of NLA have blood lines to Adumssa/ Gyakiti as well as the Dormaa Ahenkro dynasty in BA. So stop belittling Gifty. ? She has climbed socially through marriage.. I find her display of culture very refreshingly in the 21st century. Go to Chicago in August to observe how Ghanaians of our constituent tribes project our culture to the world in an annual festival dubbed Ghana Festval. And the youth have frothed the Adinkra Group as well. We must not be clubby about the display of our culture.

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Dogo Yaro on Dec 21, 2017 13:36
You go Oheneyere!