Sports News Sat, 23 Dec 2017

Atsu, Ayew score as Newcastle beat West Ham

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Comment: Hmmmm

Owusu Agrampam-Mensah
2017-12-23 23:44:49
Comment to:
Atsu's picture should ve been put there.

Oyiewaa,everyone will get to know of Ghanaweb and their pay-masters the Ayews.Why didn't you talk about his red cad,their teams are first and last counting from the bottom.We don't want to hear of their arrogans any more so stop telling us about them ok,they can go to hell we don't care.very soon Nana Addoo will stretch the net wide and fish you out of out of this national interest that you are changing it for only the Ayews shame on that writer and everyone who is forcing these arrogant guys stories on Ghanians the because of nokofeioo,SHAME on U again.

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Kojo Agatebe, Oregon, USA on Dec 23, 2017 20:01
Owusu Agrampam-Mensah on Dec 23, 2017 23:44