'Disgraceful' John Mahama still sleeping - NPP Communicator

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Comment: Mahama wanted to be Gaddafi/Emperor

2018-01-11 16:49:49
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'Disgraceful' John Mahama still sleeping - NPP Com

Ghana is not for Mahama and family. 2 things Mahama has said in the past. 1. Why should northerners always have to be VP? 2. Gov comes to do a bit and go. Hypocrisy is another the middle name of Mahama. Tribalism is his Christian name. Listen Brilliant Dr Bawumia sees himself lucky to serve his nation in any form of capacity. That's the difference between an intelligent man and greedy selfish idiot. Dr Bawumia is not only intelligent but wise and humble. A man of an abundant wisdom ???? Mahama can't turn an Angel to evil overnight. Dr Bawumia is God sent to us. Go to hell Mahama. Your girl friend could not fordge victory for you neither your military appointees were interested in blood sucking like your evil empire founder JJ. NDC is nothing but evil organisation. Over 30 NDC has nothing to show off other than killing, rape, burn

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Effie on Jan 11, 2018 16:49
Mahama wanted to be Gaddafi/Emperor